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After finishing high school, I discovered a passion for helping both myself and others lead a healthy lifestyle. I understood that an education is necessary for the actualization of my passion. I graduated from Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports in 2006 (the largest school in Israel for physical education) as a personal trainer. Once I had my degree I also took the following courses: kids and sport, sport and core after birth, nutrition, sport's nutrition. 


Once I  got married and started to have children my struggle with weight changed; I went from wanting to be as thin as possible to wanting to be as strong as possible. Each pregnancy came with it's own hardships and the instability of life is what lead me to understand that I have to gather myself together and be the strongest version of myself for my family. My kids deserve better, so do I and so do YOU.  Since, I have focused on my mental being just as much as my physical.

If you give yourself love and take care of your own needs, you'll have much more energy to to give.

 I know what it means to not love yourself and I'm here to help YOU become the best version of yourself for you and your family!  

My name is Yael Rodriguez and I am a personal trainer and health coach. My mission is to train women to live a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally, to lead her family through life. I know that a woman who exercises and eats right will influence her entire household. It starts with YOU

My passion for a healthy lifestyle directly correlates to my childhood. I was overweight as a child and by far the biggest in my class. Making friends was a struggle and I was always an easy target for bullying. When I was 14 I felt that I had suffered enough and that's when my transformation began. I demanded a serious physical change from myself and was willing to do anything! It took time to convince my mother for her permission to sign me up for the gym, but finally she gave in. 

I knew a physical change would take time, but at least I began. I started with the treadmill and quickly became frustrated with how long it took to burn a calorie. This frustration lead me to becoming obsessed with losing weight.

I struggled between not eating enough and binge eating. I tried every diet, diet pill and method possible to lose weight. Within six months I lost 110 pounds, which was half my body weight, but I didn't look or feel healthy.

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Using resistance bands, as part of your stretches can help you work on muscles that are difficult or even impossible to isolate if you're just using a bench or wall to stretch against.


Fierce FitBands is perfect for anyone looking for a total body gym that you can set up quickly and take anywhere.


The more ‘free’ you get with your weights, the more effort you need to put in to controlling your movements to make sure you’re doing them right.


There is a lot more movement involved when using resistance bands compared to more traditional style exercises.

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